Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fishing, pancakes and cubby house building

A couple of weeks ago we spent another Friday night away on the boat, at Murray's Beach, Lake Macquarie. Ken decided to do a bit of fishing before breakfast.

Alas, Ken didn't catch any fish, so we had to resort to pancakes for breakfast. I chose the easy way with the pancakes, instead of spending hours in the cabin cooking, I bought pre-made pancakes and heated them in the oven! They got the 'OK' from everyone.

After breakfast the girls found a new game to play in the front cabin....

... Cubby house building. 
Although the cubby house was of the collapsable style!

Marshall took the opportunity to get a lesson on using the outboard engine.

I took this photo through the boat window whilst doing the dishes! After everything was cleaned up, it was time to go ashore for a coffee and a play.

The girls had fun with the big swing.

Alexandra requested that we have a photo shoot ....

She certainly isn't camera shy!

Victoria and Charlotte wanted a photo too.

We had another memorable family time away, even if only for one night. We are indeed making the most of every day and cherishing all this family time with none of the worries of ill-health. Praise God!


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