Saturday, May 24, 2014

Fishing, pancakes and cubby house building

A couple of weeks ago we spent another Friday night away on the boat, at Murray's Beach, Lake Macquarie. Ken decided to do a bit of fishing before breakfast.

Alas, Ken didn't catch any fish, so we had to resort to pancakes for breakfast. I chose the easy way with the pancakes, instead of spending hours in the cabin cooking, I bought pre-made pancakes and heated them in the oven! They got the 'OK' from everyone.

After breakfast the girls found a new game to play in the front cabin....

... Cubby house building. 
Although the cubby house was of the collapsable style!

Marshall took the opportunity to get a lesson on using the outboard engine.

I took this photo through the boat window whilst doing the dishes! After everything was cleaned up, it was time to go ashore for a coffee and a play.

The girls had fun with the big swing.

Alexandra requested that we have a photo shoot ....

She certainly isn't camera shy!

Victoria and Charlotte wanted a photo too.

We had another memorable family time away, even if only for one night. We are indeed making the most of every day and cherishing all this family time with none of the worries of ill-health. Praise God!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter 2014 on Lake Macquarie

With beautiful weather on the Thursday before Good Friday, we set off to the boat at about 5pm. By 6pm we had were all loaded on board, and decided to stay the night on the mooring! Friday morning after a good sleep we were all up and about early. After breakfast we motored over to Toronto to check out the preparations at Toronto for the Lake Macquarie Classic Boatfest . The girls had fun giggling up the bow.

When we got to Toronto, guess what we saw.....

... the pirate ship Notorious, a replica fifteenth century caravelle. For more information about the Notorious, click on this wikipedia link.

Victoria and Alexandra tried out their best pirate 'Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhs'!

Then it was time for an early Easter Egg feast courtesy of Granny Bett and Poppa Pat.

We then motored over to the Lake Macquarie Yacht Club and Captain Ken filled the boat up with water.

Next it was time for a sail down to Murray's Beach at the southern end of the lake. There wasn't much wind so Marshall chose to sit in the dinghy and practice his pirate arghhs!

Alexandra fancied doing a few photo poses both on the boat and at Murray's beach.

The weather was glorious. Ken gave Marshall a few lessons on using the outboard engine on the dinghy, and then ferried up back to the boat.

We motored over the Gwandalan for the night and went ashore to the Gwandalan Bowling Club for dinner. We did get quite a few strange looks when we walked in with our life jackets on!

Saturday morning saw Marshall in the galley cooking bacon for breakfast. It was scrummy.

We tiki toured around Crangan Bay, thanking God for the beautiful place of Lake Macquarie that we are blessed to call home.

Victoria and Alexandra enjoyed the view from the cabin top as we motored back up to the classic boatfest to get a closer look at the pirate ship Notorious.

We went aboard and checked out the accommodation below and the state of the art cooking system.

The sleeping quarters were a little more comfortable.

There even was a treasure chest.

Alexandra was impressed with the canon.

We all enjoyed our 2 nights away with beautiful Easter weather, and remembered to take time on Good Friday to consider the real meaning of Easter and all that our saviour Jesus Christ has done for us.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Dolphin spotting - Sunday 29th September 2013

Yesterday we enjoyed a beautiful spring afternoon on Mistral 2 with some friends. After stopping off at Toronto for a play in the park and afternoon tea, we did some dolphin spotting in the dusk.

Three girls eagerly watched over the side of the boat for the dolphins to appear.

What noises were heard when the dolphins did grace us with their presence.

Alexandra then did a bit of posing for the camera!

Charlotte got a bit tired of watching out on the bow and came back to the cockpit.

I was very pleased with this photo of the Australian flag in full flight.

Alexandra gave one of Aunty Rene's teddy's a cuddle ...

... and tried to disrupt Charlotte's nanna nap.

Mum was a bit more receptive to a cuddle!

We had a beautiful afternoon with beautiful friends on a beautiful lake!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Celebrate Ken Sunday - 1st September 2013

Sunday was not only Father's Day but also Ken's birthday. Ken really wanted to celebrate his birthday on the boat with the family. So after church we did exactly that!

We left the mooring at Croudace Bay around 1pm and motored down to Murray's Beach. Doesn't Ken look happy!!

Such a different picture to last  year, when we spent Ken's birthday and Fathers Day in hospital with Victoria. How much more do we appreciate these family times now!

I thought it would be a good idea to get a photo of myself with each of the children, and it seems we are a bit short of those types of photos .....

They are all growing up so quickly. It is hard to believe that Marshall will be 10 next week! He is such a boy and just loves to climb. Can you spot him in the tree?

When we returned to the boat at Murray's Beach we had a couple of visitors on board.

We all had an enjoyable afternoon, and Ken said it was exactly what he wanted for his birthday, a family afternoon on the boat!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A beautiful autumn afternoon - 18th May 2013

With no soccer game on today, we thought it was a good opportunity to get out on Mistral 2 for the afternoon. The weather was perfect. We motored over to Toronto, and on the way Charlotte started the planning for my birthday next weekend ....

Everyone has a job to do to make the day, mum's best birthday ever!  Victoria started work on a birthday card.

Marshall helped with tying up the boat at the wharf. I taught him to do a 'cheese'. He did pretty well for a first attempt!

Mistral 2 looked great tied up to the wharf on such a glorious day.

A short walk to the café to get some refreshments. Charlotte took an opportunity to do a bit more birthday planning.

Victoria thought she would practice some jumping, getting ready for gymnastics at school in a couple of weeks.

And then everyone else thought that they would have a go too!

Next stop was the awesome playground at Toronto.

Victoria's strength is improving all the time.
Back on board and we headed back to Valentine. Ken and Alexandra took at quiet father and daughter moment up at the bow.

Victoria took the helm, and took it very seriously.

Looking, looking everywhere.

Marshall tried out a new style of doona.

Alexandra enjoyed munching on an apple.
Victoria had one final cuddle with daddy before we reached the mooring.
We all had a beautiful afternoon, just hanging out as a family.